KWE Services

We offer a wide range of customized services to satisfy to your OEM needs.

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>Printed Circuit Boards

  • Wave Soldering Services
  • Through-hole Soldering
  • Surface-mount Technology
  • Design and Supply of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Parts Sourcing
  • PCB Population
  • Quality Control and Testing
pcb surface mount

>Analyzer Calibration

The professional calibration of your Systronik flue-gas analyzer will ensure that your readings will remain accurate.

rusty wrench

Building Automation

  • Monitor Boiler Operations
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Data Logging
Lcd monitor in front of globe


  • Custom Control Systems
  • Process Controls
  • Programming
Lcd monitor in front of globe

>Wire Harnesses

  • Wire and Cable Sourcing
  • Cutting
  • Insulation Stripping
  • Terminations
  • Quality Control
ball of wires

>Customer Support

  • KWE Products Support
  • Viessmann Products Support
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Vitotalk
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