Systronik Analyzers

When you are serious about burner maintenance and calibration, then Systronik flue-gas analyzers are the only analyzers to consider. The entire line of Systronik models are engineered and built for real world usage. That is to say, not only do they out-perform in the lab environment but equally so in the boiler room.

Each Eurolyzer and Multilyzer analyzer goes through five manufacturing steps and nearly 10 quality control steps.
Features such as Dynamic H2 Compensation and Coalescence Filtration add to the accuracy, durability and lower service costs throughout the lifespan of the analyzer.
Allow us to show you what Systronik has learned over the last 15 years of building flue-gas analyzers. Add a Systronik analyzer to your arsenal of tools today.


Maxilyzer NG Thumbnail

Maxilyzer NG

Systronik's most advanced analyzer to date features a robust watertight case and up to eight hours of battery life.


Multilyzer NG thumbnail

Multilyzer NG

Portable and full of features, the Multilyzer NG does it all.


Eurolyzer ST thumbnail

Eurolyzer STx

The Eurolyzer STx represents the latest in combustion technology.

Accessories and Services


Water trap


We carry all accessories needed for operating and maintaining your analyzer.


rusty wrench


To maintain accurate readings, your analyzer needs to be calibrated occasionally.


Table of terminology


A quick introduction to the importance of efficient and clean combustion.


Leasing Program

Our leasing program provides you with an affordable solution to analyzer ownership.